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Yannik Bourquin
Bourquin Yannik
Organization President
  • General marketing and promotion organization of the event
  • Sponsoring and institutional partners
  • Media and image management
Yves-Alain Romang
Romang Yves-Alain
Infrastructure & Race PC
  • General organization, infrastructure
  • Logistics, timing
  • Management of the race PC and results
Cedric Mafille
Mafille Cedric
Route & Marking
  • Organization of markup
  • Track supervision
Sandrine De Giacometti
By Giacometti Sandrine
Finances & Registrations
  • Cashier
  • Registrations and bibs
Sandrine Bourquin
Volunteers & Activities
  • Volunteer search and management
  • Entertainment
Léa De Giacometti
By Giacometti Léa
Catering & Refreshments
  • Stove
  • Food and drinks
  • Logistics and supply of supplies
Muriset Dorothée
Security & Samaritans
  • Samaritan management
  • Security plan
Roxane Gillabert
Roxane Gillabert
  • Administrative management