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Bourquin Yannik – President
Bourquin Yannik

General organization of marketing and promotion of the event
Sponsoring and institutional partners
Media and image management

Romang Yves-Alain – Technical Manager
Romang Yves-Alain
technical Manager

General organization, infrastructure
Logistics, timing
Management of the race PC and results

Mafille Cédric – Course Manager
Mafille Cedric
Course manager

Organization of markup
Supervision of routes

Voirol Philippe – Security and parking manager
Philippe Voirol
Security and parking manager

Organization of the parking lot
Safety of the runners
Medical team and Samaritans

Carraux Laurent – ​​Finance Manager
Laurent Tiles
Finance Manager

Statement of accounts
Monitoring of expenditure and budget

Bourquin Sandrine – Volunteer Manager
Volunteer Manager

Research and management of the volunteer schedule
General coordination between the race management and the markup

By Giacometti Sandrine

Registrations and bibs

By Giacometti Léa

Kitchen and supplies

Roxane Gillabert


Zaccomer Daniel

Pastry and drinks